Notes From the Board: October

Hey Drama Folks!

October has come to a close, so why don’t we look at all the great things we’ve accomplished this month? For those of us who had no idea how to tap dance (and even those who have experience), those may have been some long and grueling (and painful) hours at rehearsal. However, we’ve had quite some laughs seeing each other make mistakes - and we’ve improved! No one can deny just how much we have learned over the past number of weeks. Thanks for your patience Kandyse! Also, a big thanks to Mr. B for teaching us our parts in “Bon Voyage”. Hopefully everyone has listened to the song outside of drama and tried to practice their parts a few times since our last rehearsal!

Also, everyone did a great job in helping to make The Haunted Halls a smashing success! We had more than 700 people through the doors, and everyone got pretty spooked! The Executive Board is immensely proud of everyone for putting 100% effort into scaring, and we hope everyone had fun on Friday night.

‘Till Friday,

The High School Drama Executive Board

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