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Costume Party

As Halloween quickly approaches there are a lot of different ways to plan out your costume this year! If you’re planning on creating your own costume, here are a few helpful tips:

Shop Smart

Hit up clearance sections or Salvation Army for some great but affordable pieces

Focus on the details

Small accents can really take your costumes to the next level. Adding jewelry, glasses, hats, or even wacky socks can really transform an outfit

Create a plan!

It’s always easier to put something together if you have an image of what you want the end product to be. Use Pinterest for brainstorming and create your own inspiration board to help create the perfect costume.

On top of all the Halloween excitement, we’re still working hard on two shows right now! Here’s a sneak peak of the rendering boards for our upcoming shows Elf Jr. and Anything Goes! Happy costuming!

Anything Goes Rendering Board

Elf Jr Rendering Board

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